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what i do.

I am always looking for new ways to tell stories about the world around us and understand how to communicate most effectively.

I tell stories across multiple mediums in my professional work, including writing, document design, web design, and presentation. In addition to telling my own stories, I like to understand what makes the stories told by others work well (or not so well). I am always seeking answers about why and how language works the way it does to form connection, meaning, and joy through communication.


Contact magazine feature

"Reconnect with the Credit Union Spirit in Michigan's Cherry Capital"
May 2018

Lansing 5:01 guest blog

"A Penny for Your Thoughts to Make Lansing Vibrant"
March 2017

Sample editorial

"A Trampoline to Reach Higher"
May 2017

ing magazine feature

"Don't Judge a Blind
Date by Its Cover"
Feb 2015

web design.

ASFM Oppose Payday Lending Expansion campaign

WordPress using Elementor
Jan 2018

John Gagnon portfolio

Aug 2016

MSU Young Authors' Conference

WordPress with custom HTML/CSS
Dec 2014

content strategy.

Social media strategy presentation

"#TweetItOut: Promoting Your Conference in the Digital Age,"
MSU Meeting Planners Association
April 2017

Organization communication strategy

Community Foundation Youth Action Committee communication strategy
Nov 2017

Contest promotional plan

Penny for Your Thoughts communication strategy
Feb 2017

Creative writing conference presentation

"You Won't Even
Be Able to Tell,"
MUSE Literati Conference
April 2016

Rhetorical analysis presentation

"What's Up with the Rhetoric of the MSU Office of Admissions"
Nov 2014

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