you know your story.

It’s my job as a web designer and content creator to help you tell that story as effectively as possible. I can be as hands-on or hands-off as you’d like, serving as a resource to brainstorm and give you the tools you need to tell your story or taking your vision and translating it into whatever deliverable you’re looking for. Some of the things I’ve worked on for clients include:

  • Web design through builders like WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace or custom HTML/CSS
  • Print document design
  • Communication and social media strategy

If you’d like to work together to tell you story, feel free to contact me!

past projects

John Gagnon
I worked with John to develop a holistic online presence for his portfolio website. Because of the diversity of his professional and academic experience, he struggled to find a way to unify everything in a way that made sense. I enjoyed John as a client because he was flexible, creative, and professional. This project had a good balance of creative freedom and visionary guidance that led to a product we both were proud of. We worked with Squarespace to build John’s website.

Little Leap Learning Center
Little Leap Learning Center in Williamston, MI is an expansion of a daycare facility run by Jamie Smith. As part of the center’s launch in summer 2016, Jamie hired me to work on their website. She played a much more hands-on role than my previous experiences, which at first was an adjustment. This proved to be an exciting change of pace as we formed a strong partnership to bring together multiple visions into one cohesive whole for the Little Leap website launch. This project used the Wix platform.

Young Author’s Conference at Michigan State University
In fall 2014, I was referred by my web authoring professor to Kate Fedewa with the Young Authors’ Conference to help with a website redesign. I worked with Kate to develop design mockups based on the conference’s needs, and worked with a combination of custom HMTL, CSS, and a WordPress template to produce the final result.