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Yes, Everyone “Does” Vulnerabilty. No, You Can’t Decide You Don’t.

The first time I watched one of Brene Brown’s shame-resilience TED Talks was the first time I felt I truly understood where so many of my struggles with anxiety came from. I remember going home to Boyfriend and talking about what I’d learned, to which he flat-out replied, “I don’t […]

Lies Society Tells Us: Vulnerability is (NOT) Weakness

When I first started guiding Boyfriend through the process of Supporting A Partner With An Eating Disorder, he struggled with expressing the softness I needed during times of stress and frustration. Navigating anorexia recovery and major depression and general anxiety disorder comes with a lot of feelings, and I come from a family that […]

On Scarcity Culture: The Never Enoughs

I’m going to start by saying I suck at vulnerability. Everything I talk about in this series is something I am actively working on (and often failing at), because the concept of “daring greatly” is hard. Challenging cultural norms that encourage you to stay submerged in your deficiencies is exhausting, scary, and […]