Month: July 2018

Dear Me (Five-ish Months Ago)

Dear Me (Five-ish Months Ago)

Hey there. I know things are pretty rough right now. You’re probably sorting through kitchen utensils and packing boxes and putting off the bedroom until it’s totally unavoidable. You’re taking down the welcome sign on the front door (which has both of your names on it) and reflecting on how […]

Adjusting Your Expectations

A couple of weeks ago, my best friend and I started to read through the “novel” I wrote during my 8th and 9th grade years in school. It opens on the protagonist, a girl on her first day of high school, and says something akin to, “Four years from this […]

A Therapy Swan Song: Two(ish) Years of Learning to be Brave

On Monday, my therapist said she thinks we’ve reached the “maintenance” stage of my sessions. That basically means that we’ll do a check-in at the end of the month and, as long as I feel comfortable and my progress has maintained, I can move to scheduling on an “as-needed” basis. […]