Month: March 2018

Stop That Spiral. Stop It Right Now.

There are times when I really feel the growth I’ve achieved in terms of my mental wellness (and overall health). And then there are times when I fall right back into my destructive habits and think, “What the fuck? What happened to all that effort I was putting in?” That […]

(Don’t) Save Me

I grew up on a steady diet of Disney movies, 90s chick flicks and, being a creative mind and hopeful romantic, a barrage of my own fantasies. Like many women (and people in general), I became conditioned by the idea that my relationships were the most critical factor in my […]

Bodies Are Hard But That’s Okay

Last Monday, I went to the doctor and learned my BMI is in the “healthy” category again. At the time I was psyched because it meant I was finally at a healthier weight again…but then Friday came and I panicked because it finally sunk in that the news meant I […]

Yes, Everyone “Does” Vulnerabilty. No, You Can’t Decide You Don’t.

The first time I watched one of Brene Brown’s shame-resilience TED Talks was the first time I felt I truly understood where so many of my struggles with anxiety came from. I remember going home to Boyfriend and talking about what I’d learned, to which he flat-out replied, “I don’t […]