Month: February 2018

Your Client Wants Bad Design. Now What?

Being a creative professional is often one of the best things ever — I get paid to do awesome things like design websites and wedding invitations (a quickly growing side hustle…), develop content strategies, plan social media content, and write stuff. Other times, it can feel like the absolute worst thing ever […]

Naming Anorexia: Damn It, I Have to Wear a Bathing Suit Next Month

Boyfriend and I are going to Cancun next month, which means I will essentially be spending a week on the beach. Which means a week of bathing suits. I can’t remember the last time I wore a bathing suit in public. It’s probably been over a year, partially because I […]

#30DaysOfLipstick: A Lesson in Self-Confidence

If you follow my Instagram, you’ve probably kept up with my #30DaysOfLipstick challenge. I finished this week! I decided to do it on a whim, because I’ve always loved lipstick but never really felt cool enough or pretty enough to wear it regularly (see the first post in my Daring […]

Woman Seeking Workplace: On “Dating” Your Office Environment

Before I met my current partner (the one I plan on sticking with as long as he’ll put up with me), I had a habit of choosing toxic relationships. I gravitated toward men who frequently questioned my worth, put me down, and overall positioned me as the inferior in the […]

Lies Society Tells Us: Vulnerability is (NOT) Weakness

When I first started guiding Boyfriend through the process of Supporting A Partner With An Eating Disorder, he struggled with expressing the softness I needed during times of stress and frustration. Navigating anorexia recovery and major depression and general anxiety disorder comes with a lot of feelings, and I come from a family that […]

On Scarcity Culture: The Never Enoughs

I’m going to start by saying I suck at vulnerability. Everything I talk about in this series is something I am actively working on (and often failing at), because the concept of “daring greatly” is hard. Challenging cultural norms that encourage you to stay submerged in your deficiencies is exhausting, scary, and […]