Month: August 2017

I Choose

I really struggle with self-validation. My default reaction when faced with even a shred of doubt from an outside source is to take it as truth and feel like a fraud. As my last few blog posts have touched on, I have felt consumed by feelings of inadequacy, frustration, and […]

So….I took the week off running.

Anyone who’s even remotely acquainted with me has heard about my left shin splint by now. Guys, it’s bad. As in I-probably-should-have-rested-it-several-weeks-ago-and-now-it’s-trying-to-kill-me bad. Last time I trained for a half-marathon I developed an overuse injury in my right knee around when I increased to 9 miles. The doctor told me […]

You Know Something’s Wrong When You’re Crying to Flo Rida (The Other Serenity Prayer)

July was a really tough month for me. As in total-anxiety-and-depression-relapse-and-out-of-control-disordered-eating-patterns tough. There were a lot of reasons for that – some tangible like major deadlines at work, struggling to take care of our pets and home, not sticking to my half-marathon training schedule well, etc… and some not-so-tangible because […]