Month: July 2017

23 is Hard: The Shamrock on the Office Ledge

Most English-speakers are familiar with the canary in the coal mine idiom, based on a practice that (up until very recently) helped alert miners to danger so they could have time to escape. The idea is that the canary will die before toxic gases like carbon monoxide can harm the humans […]

23 is Hard: The Long Arc

Training for a half marathon is generally one of two options for me: the most empowering thing I’m doing… …or the most disheartening. Last weekend, I upped my distance to 9 miles. My run on Saturday was phenomenal. I ran all 9 miles without stopping for a walk break and shaved 30 […]

23 is Hard: On Adult Friendships

My best friend and I have known each other for about ten years now. We met like most middle schoolers do – shared classes and a shared group of friends. We were both part of the middle school orchestra (and both in the back of the second violins….), which is […]