Month: October 2015

Finding my Empathy-Voice

Last week, I talked about¬†overusing “I’m sorry,”¬†and how that leads to disconnection from the people around us. I’m in an 8-week class right now on understanding shame and how it drives disconnection, fear, and anxiety, and how to build shame-resilience skills. Shame is that voice in your head that says […]

The Problem with “I’m Sorry”

I’ve been known to apologize to doors for running into them before. It’s not something I consciously do, I just say “I’m sorry” a lot. Most people I know do. Bad day? “I’m sorry.” Professor graded an assignment tough? “I’m sorry.” Boss treating you unfairly? “I’m sorry.” Even arbitrary comments, […]

On Social Media (Or, How Facebook Turned Me Into an Emotional Packrat and Gave Me “FOMO”)

  It used to bother me that Boyfriend didn’t put me in his profile picture on Facebook. Isn’t that what you’re “supposed” to do when you’re in a relationship? Isn’t that how you show that you’re proud of the relationship you’re in? HOW ELSE WILL EVERYONE KNOW HOW CUTE WE […]