Month: July 2015

5 Things I Learned from Yoga at the Broad

Today I did morning yoga at the Broad art museum on my college campus. I’ve never done a formal yoga class before, and the only way I can describe my feelings post-class is… zen. Yoga rocks! I can’t remember the last time I felt so relaxed, and I left thinking […]

An Open Letter to my Bikini Body

For the second project in my publication class, I’ve been working on an article about body image and bikini season. I interviewed several amazing women after sending out a virtual call for help via Facebook, and their answers were incredibly powerful. Some laughed in the face of society’s expectations of […]

Patriotism, Politics, and the Phenomenon of the Honest Voice

I grew up in a very conservative household. I was raised to believe that the government just takes your money and moves it around to suit its needs, that too much government is bad government, and overall that the government should be run like a business to be successful. I […]