Month: March 2015

First the Trunk, Then the Toes

Just before spring break, my advanced fiction writing professor reminded us about a large, cumulative author study project due mid-April. Because I was preparing to spend break on a study away instead of home, I went into what I’ve come to fondly refer to as “panic mode”– I took one […]

Workshopping a Writer’s Ego

A few weeks ago, I submitted an essay and a play to the creative writing awards at my school. This coming Tuesday, I find out whether or not I placed in either category. I have always been hesitant to share my writing publicly, a hesitancy which translates (at least) tenfold […]

The Story I Want to Read

Well, I am home, I am exhausted, and I am (mildly) tan. Despite being hit by some serious post-plane sleepiness, I’m going to honor Blog Saturday with a (brief) unload of post-LA emotions. I say brief because there are a lot of feelings I’m currently processing since my return to […]

Airborne Metal Box: Paranoid Parrot’s Excursion to LA

In just about four and a half hours, I’m going to be on a plane headed to Los Angeles. I used to have a strong aversion to flying, mostly because I have a hypersensitive creep-o-meter and the thought of riding in an airborne metal box with someone who weirds me […]