Month: February 2015

Hello, My Name is Hot Mess

You know how in Shakespearean tragedies, the main character has some fatal flaw that generally causes all of their troubles? It’s not necessarily something bad, in fact on the surface it might be a good thing… but like anything else, too much of a good thing when it comes to […]

On Writer’s Block

If I had to pick a single bane to my existence, writer’s block would be that one bane. I’m thankful that it doesn’t happen to me often, but when writer’s block hits me, it hits me hard… thus the topic of this week’s post. I always have several (hundred) ideas […]

Speak Now

Last week, I wrote about my peach-bruise experience in fiction workshop. That bruising experience quickly spiraled into a full-on writer’s crisis, which entailed a panicked conversation with my (vet med) boyfriend who was supportive but probably a little panicked himself since panicked writers can be a bit of a terror. […]

Rip It To Shreds

It’s been a really long time since I’ve committed to a fiction piece longer than ten pages. I always have grand ideas for beginnings, even some endings… it’s just the “getting there” and “middle parts” that stump me. My advanced fiction class has pushed me to break through that glass […]

Drinking Up

I figured that an occasion as momentous as turning 21 probably warranted a two-post weekend. So, as I sit cuddled up on the couch with my favorite kitty cat sleeping next to me, I thought it might be fun to recount and review the drinks I tried on my first […]