Month: December 2014

Countdown to Decade Three

2014 marks the completion of my first two decades on Earth, and has been a year of incredible transformation. We added a new (and fuzzy) member to our family, I traveled abroad for the first time, I tackled an intense summer of too many classes and work challenges, and I […]

A Patchwork of the Past

This week, I finished the monumental task that was my first t-shirt quilt. My wide array of high school t-shirts have been slowly collecting dust while sitting in piles in the back of my closet, and as a slightly nostalgic woman I knew I didn’t want to get rid of […]

Deck the Halls with Holiday Sparkle

Tis the season of mistletoe, Christmas cookies, holiday cheer… and also the season of family scuffles and holiday stress. Tensions often run high at this time of year, between frantic family gatherings and high expectations, which can take away from the Christmas-y magic that’s supposed to encapsulate the time post-Thanksgiving […]