Month: August 2014

On Love

I’m not very good at communicating when I’m going through a tough time. I tend to ignore what makes me feel bad and focus on the better parts of a situation because it’s easier than admitting I feel vulnerable and hurt. It’s not something I do consciously, it’s just an […]

Choosing Joy

I once knew someone who told me he was always miserable. I remember thinking at the time, “Holy crap, how does that happen? All the time?” I didn’t understand why anyone would want to live an unhappy life, but then again, isn’t unhappiness what happens when you don’t do what […]

Becoming Katlyn

Being 20 can be weird and awkward. Lots of things are weird and awkward to begin with, and adding in the whole figuring-yourself-out aspect just throws a whole other wrench into the bunch. There are a lot of variables in life, and it can be really difficult to sort through […]