Month: May 2014

Individually Human

The Italian Renaissance is often described as an age without God because it moved from a spirituality focused on keeping God high and unattainable to one focusing on the self and raising it up. Rather than being Godless, this philosophy simply brought God down to eye level, making a positive […]

Me Too

This week, I left for my first international trip– on my own. As I packed my bags and scrambled around with last-minute details, it made me realize something: you are never too old to need your mom. As much as I rolled my eyes at every “did you remember this?” […]

Small Steps

In less than a week, I will be calling Italy home for six weeks. ITALY. Aside from eating pasta and drinking wine (which I will indeed be doing), I’ll be learning about a completely different culture and experiencing things that I can’t even fathom as I sit at my kitchen […]